About Us

We are a small team yet. But our aim is big!

This site comes for sharing interesting topics about paint. This site currently works on acrylic and house painting. We plan to expand this site to more about any type of craft painting and house painting.

Jesse Nickles

Owner, Editor

I have loved pastels, oil paints, and DIY projects since I was young, and acquired ThePaintFacts to pursue an interest in growing a few blogs related to these niches!

Arbina Khatun

Founder, Topic Researcher

I find different interesting and helpful topics. I love painting. So it is not that hard for me 🙂

Shojib Hoq

Author, Writer

I am the primary writer of this site. I have experience with painting and also I read many books, watched many videos, and participated in popular paint forums. And combine all knowledge I share my thought to help you.