Acrylic Paint

A Woman Waterproofing Craft Paint

Waterproof Craft Paint: Make Acrylic Paint Outdoor Water Resist

Acrylic paint is naturally water resistant when it is properly cured. But prolonged exposure to water such as heavy rain or moisture, the paint can be damaged. Learn more step by step… However, there have good options to make waterproof craft acrylic paint. Such as: How to Make Craft Paint Waterproof: 3 Ways (Step by […]

Different acrylic painting Mop Brush

Mop Brush for Acrylic Painting: Best Art Paint Brush 2023

Mop brushes are essential tools for any acrylic painter, enabling a diverse range of techniques including washes, glazes, dry brushing, and blending with ease. In this article, we will discover top-quality acrylic brushes for painting. Remember, You should invest in a high-quality mop brush for acrylic painting that can last for years with proper care. […]

professional acrylic paint brush with acrylic paint

Professional Acrylic Brushes: Best Paint Brush Set 2023

Investing in professional acrylic brushes is essential for high-quality artwork, especially for larger or complex paintings. This article is the ultimate guide for selecting professional acrylic brushes, including: Remember, the brushes are a necessary investment for serious artists who prioritize best results and longevity. With proper care, these brushes can last for years and aid […]

Artist prime wood with gesso for acrylic painting

How to Prime Wood for Acrylic Painting: Easy Steps to Use Primer

Follow these simple steps to create a smooth and even surface: sand the wood with fine-grit sandpaper, clean it well, apply a primer designed for acrylic paint, sand again lightly, and repeat with a second coat of primer. Your finished product will look fantastic! The information is not enough, maybe you need more information, wood […]

Appling Primer to canvas for Acrylic Paint

Primer for Acrylic Paint: Top Quality Gesso for Prime Canvas 2023

Gesso confidently creates a protective barrier between canvas and paint, preventing discoloration and damage. So you need a right gesso that will properly adhere to your chosen surface and provide a smooth finish. This article has everything you need to know about choosing best primer for acrylic paint, including: Remember – Using gesso as a […]

Remove Paint From Vinyl Floor

How To Remove Paint From Vinyl Floor?

There are three general types of paint: oil, acrylic or latex (water-based paint), and spray paint. All can be affected on vinyl floors. So, you may find an answer about  “how to remove paint from vinyl floors”? Paints can be easily removed on vinyl floor if the paint is stubborn or wet. Most of the time […]

Removing Acrylic Paint from Tile

Removing Acrylic Paint from Tile [11 Ways for Tile & 5 Grout]

Acrylic paint is water based paint, so it is one of the easiest paint to remove from the tiles. While painting, it is very common to fall paint on the floor. And for not taking care, paint can be cured.  So how to remove acrylic paint from the tile? There are a lot of options […]

Remove Acrylic Paint from Concrete Floor

9 Easy Ways to Remove Acrylic Paint from Concrete Floor?

After the painting project, you may find acrylic paint on the concrete floor. And paint may be cured. You have to remove it. So are you wondering how to remove paint from the concrete floor?  Removing acrylic or water-based paint is not a very hard task. There a have a lot of easy methods available […]

Remove Acrylic Paint from Wood Floor

10 Ways to Remove Acrylic Paint from Wood Floor

Removing acrylic paint is not a hard task from the wood floor. But if the floor is built with hardwood or laminate finish, you should follow the proper step for removing paint. You can remove paint easily, but there is a high chance the wood finish will come off with paint. You can use mineral […]

acrylic paint stick to vinyl records

Does acrylic paint stick to vinyl records?

Vinyl records are mainly called PVC (polyvinyl chloride) plastic. Its surface is very plain. So there is a question: does acrylic paint stick to vinyl records on a plain surface? Yes, acrylic paint will work great on vinyl records. After using an acrylic primer on the vinyl surface, you can paint on it. Acrylic paint […]