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How Much Drywall Mud Need per Sheet? Easy Way to Calculate

The right amount of joint compound is a very important factor for drywall finishing. But the question is, how much drywall mud needs a par sheet? In the market, there are different sizes of drywall sheets, and each sheet size can be 26 to 66 square feet. Also, there have different types of joint compounds. […]

dish soap is in drywall mud

How Much Dish Soap Is in Drywall Mud Used?

Dish soap makes drywall mud very smooth, creamy, mud separate pretty easy, easy sanding, bubble-free, tool easy to clean up. But the question is, “how much dish soap is in drywall mud used?“ For a 1-gallon lightweight premixed compound, one tablespoon shop is enough. For a 5-gallon bucket, you can use 4-5 tablespoons of dish […]

Does the Joint Compound Go Down the Drain? [Dissolve Guide]

Joint compound is soft when wet, but if the compound dries, it can be hard like a rock. So there has a question: does the joint compound go down the drain? If the compound is not fully cured, it dissolves like white flour and is a very weak staff. But if the compound dries in […]

Drywall Mud Cracking After Primer

Why Is Drywall Mud Cracking After Primer? 7 Main Reasons

You already finished mud and prime on drywall, but very soon you see the prime start cracking. It isn’t very pleasant. You may wonder why drywall mud cracks after primer. This crack happens for many reasons. The major reasons are large gaps between the drywall and the laminate ceiling, mud too thick, before drywall mud completely […]

color drywall mud

Can You Color Drywall Mud? Possible With 4 Easy Method!

Drywall joint compound mud’s natural color is white. You are confused about how effective different mud colors are. You are also thinking, “can you color drywall mud?” You can color drywall mud. However, you should use the proper amount of color material. You do not get the right sheen with less color. For extra color, mud […]

how to caulk drywall

Can I Caulk Drywall Corners Instead of Mud? [Solved]

Do you have a cheap budget or not enough time to fix the drywall corners? So you are thinking, “can I caulk drywall corners instead of mud?” Mud is the best practice for applying drywall corners. However, you can caulk the drywall corner, but caulk can not compare with mud projects. Caulk is a cheaper and […]

skim coat

Why is Easy Sand not suitable as a skim coat?

Easy Sand is a great product for base coats. Some versions work well on the first layer of tape.  But now you can question why Easy Sand is unsuitable as a skim coat. Easy Sand dry because of the chemical reaction. Skim coats need enough time to apply, but Easy Sand has limited time to […]

easy sand

Tape Drywall with Easy Sand? 5, 20, 45, 90, 210 [Compared]

Applying a first layer setting compound is a very important and primary step to tape drywall. There is no option to ignore the part. Now the question, should I go with Easy Sand for tape drywall joints? Easy Sand is a popular and well-known setting compound product in the USA. It has 5, 20, 45, […]

mud over the wallpaper

Can I Mud Over the Wallpaper? [Solved & Explained]

Removing wallpaper from the entire drywall takes time and hard work. So for skipping this part, you can have a question: can I mud over wallpaper? Generally, you can mud over wallpaper, but it is not recommended. If your project is cheaper and you have no time to remove wallpaper, you can go for wallpaper […]

Will a fan help dry drywall mud faster

Will a Fan Help Dry Drywall Mud Faster? [Solved & Explained]

We use many layers of joint compound mud on drywall surfaces. Some layers dry take a long time. Now the question is, will a fan help drywall mud faster? A fan can help you dry it faster when the weather is humid or wet. There are many methods for drying mud example, dehumidifier, hair dryer, […]