Mop Brush for Acrylic Painting: Best Art Paint Brush 2023

Mop brushes are essential tools for any acrylic painter, enabling a diverse range of techniques including washes, glazes, dry brushing, and blending with ease.

In this article, we will discover top-quality acrylic brushes for painting.

Remember, You should invest in a high-quality mop brush for acrylic painting that can last for years with proper care. Look for well-made ferrules and sturdy, comfortable handles to ensure durability during regular use.

Best 7 Mop Brush for Acrylic Paint: Compare

Winsor & Newton Cotman Water Colour Series 999Ergonomics handle, durable, easy maintenanceSynthetic
Silver Brush Limited 5518S Silver MopSoft and absorbent bristles, hold lot of paintNatural goat-hair bristles
Escoda Ultimo Series 1530 mop brushhigh-quality synthetic Kolinsky Sable bristles, hold a lot of paintSynthetic
Silver Brush Limited 3009S1in Black Velvet Oval Mop Paint BrushTop quality synthetic bristle, Premium brush, Ergonomics handleSynthetic
Princeton Velvetouch Artiste oval mop brushDurable, easy to clean, ergonomic handleSynthetic
Princeton Select Artiste, Series 3750 Oval mop brushDurable, soft bristleSynthetic
Raphael SoftAqua Synthetic Squirrel Mop Brush, QuillGood control, Durable, Easy to useSynthetic

Top Quality Mop Brush: 20 Second Summary

Best Overall: Compare price, quality and popularity Winsor & Newton Cotman Water Colour Series 999 mop brush is the best for acrylic painting. This round mop brush is specially built for acrylic painting. It is great for creating washes and blending, but not be the best choice for fine details.

Best Alternative: The Escoda Ultimo Series 1530 mop brush is prerimum then W&N. Compared to the price it is an best alternative option. However, if you budget choose this brush. This brush good choice for artists looking for a brush that can hold a lot of paint and create smooth, blended strokes. Raphael SoftAqua is also good one.

Best for Details: 5518S Silver Mop brush, great for detail painting but have shade issue.

Best Oval Mop Brush: Silver Brush Limited 3009S1 is hiqh quality and premium synthetic bristles oval mop brush. Beast for good for creating soft edges and blending colors. Also give good results blending and layering colors. Master for hold lot of paint. Good cheaper alternatives Princeton Select Artiste Series 3750 Oval Mop Brush and Princeton Velvetouch Artiste oval mop brush.

You also can check top-quality professional acrylic paint brush set, I described in different article.

Top Quality Mop Brushes for Acrylic Painting

Winsor & Newton Cotman Series 999 mop brush

What makes the brush popular among artists?

The Winsor & Newton Cotman Series 999 mop brush confidently holds a high amount of paint, enabling uninterrupted painting sessions with minimal reloading.

The brush’s large size delivers learge broad coverage and even saturation of paint across the canvas.

This brush boasts a comfortable handle that provides a secure grip and ergonomic support, enabling artists to use it effortlessly for long stretches.

The shape of the brush is a crucial factor, and the Winsor & Newton Cotman mop brush’s round shape with a pointed tip is perfect for blending and creating soft edges in acrylic paintings.

This brush can be use different way, like

  1. Wet-on-wet technique
  2. Blended effect
  3. Drybrush technique
  4. Washes
  5. Splatter technique
  6. Glazing and more…

Pros of the brush

  • 3000+ good rating for this single product
  • The brush hold a lot of paint
  • Soft bristles
  • Great for blending
  • Well-made and durable
  • Easy to control
  • Affordable compared price

Cons of the brush

  • Synthetic bristles
  • Some difficult to clean

Escoda Ultimo Series 1530 Mop Brush

What makes the brush great?

The Escoda Ultimo Series 1530 mop brush is the ideal choice for acrylic painting, with it’s unique shape and bristle composition providing optimal performance for creating soft washes, blending colors, and subtle gradations.

The brush hair is synthetic Kolinsky Sable bristles that mimic natural hair brushes, but with added durability and longevity – a key factor in determining its performance and lifespan.

The mop brush is expertly designed for optimal comfort and control during use, ensuring a secure grip that won’t strain hand or wrist. 

This brush good for various techniques such as:

  1. Applying washes 
  2. Add glazes in painting
  3. Blending and softening
  4. Creating nice textures
  5. Applying large areas of color
  6. Also work wet-on-wet technique
  7. Creating gradients
  8. Add highlights and more…

Pros of the brush

  • High-quality synthetic bristles
  • Excellent paint holding capacity
  • Can be cleaned without shedding, fraying, or losing its shape
  • Soft and smooth strokes

Cons of the brush

  • Expensive (however value for money)
  • Requires proper care
  • Not suitable detailed or precise work, where a smaller brush may be required

Silver Brush Limited 5518S Silver Mop Brush

What make the brush nice?

Silver Brush Limited 5518S Silver Mop stands out as an exceptional option for acrylic painting with its superior blend of natural and synthetic fibers.

The brush guarantees a comfortable and effortless painting experience with it’s ergonomic and lightweight design.

Also the brush is highly durable, built to last and perform impeccably even with regular use. And compared quality with price, is in the mid to high range. 

This brush can be apply:

  1. Blending and glazing
  2. Washes and backgrounds
  3. Dry brushing 
  4. Stippling  and more.

Pros of the brush:

  • Soft synthetic bristles
  • Durable
  • Able to hold a large amount of paint
  • Smoothness

Cons of the brush:

  • Have bristles shade complain

Silver Brush Limited 3009S1 Black Velvet Oval Mop Paint Brush

Why choose this oval mop brush?

The brush shape and size determine stroke and detail, and the Silver Brush Limited 3009S1 Black Velvet Oval Paint Brush is a popular oval mop brush that is perfect for blending and softening edges.

The brush is made with a blend of natural squirrel hair and black synthetic filament that creates a soft, absorbent brush and helps for hold a large amount of paint.

Also the paint brush has a sleek, black handle that is comfortable to hold and provides good control in artwork.

This brush can be use:

  1. Smoothly apply paint
  2. Blending colors
  3. Creating different textures
  4. Washes and glazes
  5. Fine details
  6. Dry brushing
  7. Creating gradients and more…

Pros of the paint

  • Soft synthetic bristles
  • The brush is designed to absorb good amount of paint
  • Smooth application
  • Ergonomic design

Cons of the paint

  • Expensive 
  • Not suitable for thick paint because of soft bristles

The Raphael SoftAqua Synthetic Squirrel Brush

The Raphael SoftAqua Synthetic Squirrel Brush mimics natural squirrel hair with its high-quality synthetic fibers, making it the perfect choice for watercolor and acrylic painting with its exceptional water and paint absorption capabilities while maintaining shape.

The quill mop shape of this brush is mainly crafted for watercolor painting however can be use also acrylic, providing exceptional control and precision for both large washes and small details.

Its ergonomic handle designed for comfort is essential to achieve high-quality work and reduce hand fatigue during physically demanding painting tasks.

Also The brush is exceptionally robust, crafted from top-quality materials, and built to endure the demands of frequent use.

The brush can be used as:

  1. Painting washes
  2. Blending colors
  3. Detail work
  4. Creating texture
  5. Layering colors and more…

Pros of the brush

  • Made with synthetic fibers but act as natural hair
  • Durable
  • Ergonomic handle so comfortable to use
  • hold a lot of paint
  • Smooth application

Cons of the brush

  • Expensive


What size mop brush do you need for painting?

Choosing the right mop brush size for your painting depends on the level of detail and water retention you need. Larger mop brushes are perfect for covering big areas and blending colors, as they hold more water and paint. Smaller brushes offer precision for intricate details, though they may require more frequent reloading. Remember, brush sizes range from 000 (small) to 24 (large).

What type of acrylic paint can be used with a mop brush?

A mop brush is a soft bristle brush. So the acrylic paint should be fluid. If the acrylic paint is heavy body or thick, thin the paint with water or medium the apply with the brush. And for acrylic paint synthetic bristle brush is always recommended.

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