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Can you thin the water mixable oil paint?

Water mixable paint means the paint can mix with water, but thin paint with water can not be a good idea. It would be best if you thinned the paint with specific water mixable paint medium. There are more options, like traditional oils and different mediums. But specific water mixable oil medium is best to go with.

In this article, I will explain:

  1. What are the best mediums for thin water mixable oil paint?
  2. How to use these?
  3. Why water is not a good medium.
  4. And more important information.

What are the best mediums for thin water mixable paint?

Medium typeGradeNote
Winsor & Newton Artisan water mixable oil paint thinnerWater soluble thinner & solvent ArtisticPopular water mixable oil paint thinner. Contain very low odor
Winsor & Newton Artisan water mixible linseed OilWater soluble oil medium & linseed oil Artistic Popular linseed oil medium. No odor.
M. Graham Walnut Oil MediumWater soluble oil medium & walnut oil ArtisticThe oil use very little as thinner however safe and good alternative oil

How to thin water mixable oil paint?

There are some good options that you can apply for thin paint.

Water soluble thinner

The thinner easily thin the paint’s consistency without affecting the paint’s ability. And it does not fade the paint color, which water does. The thinner makes it easier and smooth to spread the paint. It also improves dry time.

However, water soluble thinner may contain a very low odor. But it is not a big deal.

How to thin water mixable oil paint with water soluble thinner?

Following the easy step, you can easily thin the paint.

Step 1: Read the label of the paint tube. Check manufacturer guidelines and instructions.

Step 2: Now, determine what thickness you want.

Step 3: Apply the thinner on the paint with eye drops. So you can easily control the solvent amount.

Step 4: Mix the paint and solvent with a putty knife. And then you can apply.

Can I use Gamsol with water mixable oils?

Gamsol can be applied thinner with water mixable paint. It will act like a solvent but has a very low odor. After applying the solvent, you can easily clean the brush with soap and water. 

Water mixable Oil medium

A water soluble oil medium is a great option for thinning the paint. There are already available water soluble linseed oil, walnut oil, and more. Different oils have different features like linseed oil dries faster but has yellowing problems, and walnuts dry slower but give good smoothness. You can apply the oil medium described above as solvent.

Can you use regular linseed oil with water mixable oil paints?

Linseed oil can be applied with water mixable oil paint for thinning. However, I will make the paint slower dry, but it will add a nice finish to the painting and increase flow. But brush cleaning can be a little hard because it is traditional oil. You can use soap for the ultimate cleaning of the brush.

Why should you not use water for thin paint?

Water can thin paint and regularly uses the first coat of fat over lean technique. But water makes paint color fade, flake, lose grazing, and dry quickly. On the other hand, other water soluble mediums like oils and odorless solvents add more grazing, finish, and good dyeing time. Different mediums add different cool, unique features.

So you can use water as thinner for the first layer for fat over lean, but water thinning is prohibited for other layers. 

Use water only for fast cleanup. 

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