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Why is Easy Sand not suitable as a skim coat?

Easy Sand is a great product for base coats. Some versions work well on the first layer of tape. 

But now you can question why Easy Sand is unsuitable as a skim coat.

Easy Sand dry because of the chemical reaction. Skim coats need enough time to apply, but Easy Sand has limited time to apply. There is a high chance before you apply the skim coat properly, the joint compound will start setting and dry. 

The main reason for Skim coats applies to finishing the final mudding. If the mud is not properly mixed, it will create ragged edge surface. It needs good sand to make the surface smooth.

Easy Sand is not good at sand compared to premixed compounds example, Plus 3 joint compound. If you make mistakes, it is harder to fix. 

You can check this article, where I explain how smooth does drywall mud need to be

Some specific products give the best solution for applying the skim coat.

However, many pro painters apply Easy Sand for skim coats. But it is not recommended by the manufacturer. Here is the source.

What should I use for skim coat?

In the market, There are different specific good products which you can use as skim coats.

All-purpose joint compound and premixed compound all are good for the skim coat. It dries slowly and naturally, which provides you enough time to make the project successful and error-free. 

Here are recommended products which you can use.

Best joint compound for skim coat 

I selected some joint compound for the skim coat. I hope those will be helpful for you.

Plus 3 all-purpose joint compound 

Plus 3 manufactured by reputed brand USG. It is a very lightweight product. Easy to sand, less adhesive ability, easy to spread.

You will feel cream powder when it dries. You can hide any mistake easily.

All-purpose joint compound

USG also manufactures the All-purpose compound. It is a heavy product. 

Sand is a little bit hard, dries slowly, has good adhesive ability, and hard to spread.

You need to use the right amount of water to get the right thickness and apply it as a skim coat.


Easy Sand is not good for skim coat, but there are some good products you can use as skim coat.

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