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How Much Dish Soap Is in Drywall Mud Used?

Dish soap makes drywall mud very smooth, creamy, mud separate pretty easy, easy sanding, bubble-free, tool easy to clean up. But the question is, “how much dish soap is in drywall mud used?

For a 1-gallon lightweight premixed compound, one tablespoon shop is enough. For a 5-gallon bucket, you can use 4-5 tablespoons of dish soap. You can use any dish soap, choose a good one.

However, you should be careful about mixing soap with mud. Too much mud completely damages natural thickness and adhesive ability.

How can I understand that I use too much soap?

A small amount of dish soap is enough to make mud smooth. You can easily feel that you accidentally used extra dish soap in mud.

First, you will see the mud is too smooth, and it does not stand in the pan.

Second, it does not stand on drywall. 

Third, and when it dries, it easily peels off because it loses adhesive ability.

You can check why drywall mud peels, I describe in another article.

Dish soap or detergent should I use in the mud?

Dish soap is soft. On the other hand, detergent is a harsh product. The detergent is used for cleaning hard stains of fabric. If you use dish detergent in mud, it will affect badly with mud. And it does not make it smooth. Dish soap is mixed with mud safely, and it makes mud smooth without any bad reaction.

How much soap can be used on tapping compounds?

Dish soap should not be used in tapping mud. Even a very small amount is not recommended. Because the dish soap loses some adhesive ability from mud. Tapping mud needs good adhesive ability as much as possible. Also, setting type compound dry chemically. If you use soup in it, there can be bad reactions.


One tablespoon of soap is enough for 1 gallon of mud. Be careful about the quantity of mixing soap in mud.

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