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How Much Drywall Mud Need per Sheet? Easy Way to Calculate

The right amount of joint compound is a very important factor for drywall finishing. But the question is, how much drywall mud needs a par sheet?

In the market, there are different sizes of drywall sheets, and each sheet size can be 26 to 66 square feet. Also, there have different types of joint compounds. Setting type, general premixed, and topping compound. Each sheet and compound type make the amount different. Example 4’X8′ sheet can need an estimated 0.760 Kg setting compound, 0.319 gallon premixed compound. And sheet size makes the amount different.

In this article, you will get the estimated compound amount list; it will help you get an idea.

Drywall mud estimate idea per sheet

It is a recommended estimate idea for your drywall mud project. I added the setting type of compound, regular premixed compound, and skim coat compound.

Drywall Sheet SizeSetting type compoundRegular premix compoundPremixed compound  for skim coat
4 Inch X 8 Inch0.760 KG0.319 Gallon 0.319 Gallon
4 Inch X 9 Inch0.858 Kg0.357 Gallon 0.357 Gallon 
58 Feet X 8 Inch0.896 KG0.475 Gallon0.475 Gallon
4 Inch X 10 Inch0.943 KG0.394 Gallon 0.394 Gallon
58 Feet X 9 Inch0.943 KG0.394 Gallon 0.394 Gallon
4 Inch X 11 Inch1.028 KG0.428 Gallon 0.428 Gallon
54 Feet X 10 Inch1.054 KG0.441 Gallon 0.441 Gallon
4 Inch X 12 Inch1.120 KG0.469 Gallon 0.469 Gallon 
4 Inch X 13 Feet1.235 KG0.517 Gallon 0.517 Gallon
54 Feet X 12 Inch1.279 KG0.536 Gallon 0.536 Gallon 
4 Inch X 14 Inch1.327 KG0.555 Gallon 0.555 Gallon
4 Inch X 15 Inch1.433 KG0.600 Gallon 0.600 Gallon
4 Inch X 16 Inch1.493 KG0.625 Gallon 0.625 Gallon 

Easy way to calculate drywall mud for par project

It is very easy.

Step 1. Remember how many sheets you use on drywall.

Step 2. Then choose your sheet from above.

Step 3. Now multiply your sheets with the mud amount which I already shear above.

Step 4. Repeat this process for all types of joint compounds.

Step 5. Now you can get an idea of how many setting compounds, premixed compounds, and skim coat mud you need for your project.


This is an estimate idea. You can need some extra or less amount compound for your project. However, the difference can not be big.

You should not use high or less amounts of mud because it causes mud peeling, I explain in another article.

I hope you got your answer, if you think this article is helpful please share it with your friends and family.

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