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Does the Joint Compound Go Down the Drain? [Dissolve Guide]

Joint compound is soft when wet, but if the compound dries, it can be hard like a rock. So there has a question: does the joint compound go down the drain?

If the compound is not fully cured, it dissolves like white flour and is a very weak staff. But if the compound dries in the pipe/ drain, cleaning is not easy. Most of the time joint compounds stick in more than 45-degree pipe areas. 

In this article, I will explain how you can fix clogged drains that block joint compounds.

Accidentally got some joint compound down the drain

If you pure premixed joint compounds in the drain and it is very recent, like 1-12 hours, don’t worry. Use a water passer in the drain. There is a high chance the drain will be clean. Premixed compounds take a long time to dry and stick.

On the other hand, if you down setting type compounds like Easy Sand, Durabond. These dry fast with chemical reaction within 1-2 hours. And setting type compound sticks as a rock. It can be a problem. You can fix the problem by using a water passer, hot water, vinegar, flocking agent, enzyme cleaner, bio cleaner, etc.

You can check this article, where I describe how long time need setting the compound to dry.

What dissolves drywall mud in the drain?

If mud is very recent and not cured, water passer easily dissolves mud. But if compounds dry in the pipe, you should take advanced steps like hot water, vinegar, enzyme cleaning, and bio cleaning, etc. 

However, always use a water passer first. Most of the time, it can solve issues.

Four methods for dissolving mud in a drain

Usually, without issue you can dissolve mud if it is not cured. But if the compound sticks and dries in the pipe, you can follow the methods.

Hot water

Pure 140-160 degree F water in the pipe. Use a high amount of water to soften mud and clean it away.

Enzyme Cleaner

Enzyme chemicals do not harm pipes and can be a good solution. First, fill the pipe with hot water, then pure in the pipe enzyme cleaner. Wait overnight. Enzymes eat all pipe waste, such as food particles, grease etc. Then again, flash the pipe with hot water. I hope the dry compound will go away.

Very high water pressure

Use a high-pressure water blast with more than 3000 psi. It will break down the compound in the pipe and clean properly. You can try your shower jet. But it passer not that high, average 1500 PSI.


Vinegar is used to soften the mud. Stop all water out area, then pure vinegar in the pipe. Wait overnight, then use any strong material, such as auger, dowel, drill etc., to brack the compound. You also can use a high water passer.

What is the cheapest way to unclog a drain?

Pure a lot of water or hot water can be the cheapest or no-cost method. However, if it does not work correctly, you should try different ways. High water passer, enzyme cleaner, and vinegar can provide advanced solutions.


Clean joint compounds from drain difficulty can be easy to hard. It always depends on the amount of mud clogged and how long you are late for cleaning. However, clean drains are not impossible.

I hope you got your answer. If you think this article is helpful, share it with your friends and family.


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