Paint Imposto with Water Mixable Oil Paint [Easy Steps]

You can paint Impasto with water mixable oil paint. Especially there have different specific Impasto mediums for water mixable oil paint. The medium mixed with paint makes the paint thicker, adds a texture effect, and increases transparency and glossy effect in the paint.

To create Impasto with water mixable oil paint, you need to use a palette knife or other tools to apply the paint thickly and use thicker paint consistency than you would for a smooth finish.

What are the best water mixable oil paint and medium brands for creating impasto effects?

The best Water mixable paint and Impasto are:

Material typeGradeNote
Cobra artist water mixable oil colourpaintArtisticPopuler water mixable paint
Winsor & Newton Artisan Water Mixable Oil Color PaintpaintArtisticPropler brand and paint
Holbein Duo Aqua Water-Soluble Oil Color Studio SetpaintArtisticMost premium and strong color pigment
Winsor & Newton 200 ml Artisan Water Mixable Impasto MediummediumArtisticRecommended for W&N WMO paint uses
Winsor & Newton 60 ml Artisan Water Mixable transparent Impasto MediummediumArtisticTransparent impasto medium. Recommended for W&N WMO paint uses
Winsor & Newton Liquin Oleopasto MediummediumArtisticUniversal oil impasto medium, you should add some standard oil with the medium
Cobra Painting PastemediumArtisticRecommended for Cobra WMO paint uses

Does Impasto make water mixable oil paint thicker?

Impasto is a technique used in painting in which the paint is laid on the canvas or panel in very thick, visible brushstrokes or palette knife marks. This can give the painting a sense of depth and texture, making it appear thicker than it would if applied in a smooth, even layer. So, yes, Impasto makes water mixable oil paint thicker.

How to mix Impasto with water mixable oil paint

By following the steps below, you can create the perfect texture for your impasto painting using water mixable oil paint.

You need

1. the paint.

2. Impasto medium

3. Pallate knife or spatula

How to mix?

Step 1: Start by placing any amount of paint on your palette and add medium or impasto gel. The mixing ratio will depend on your needs. Let’s take the 50:50 ratio.

Step 2: Mix the paint and medium together thoroughly using the palette knife or spatula.

Step 3: Repeat this process until you have reached the desired consistency. You can add more paint or medium as needed to achieve the right texture and viscosity. 

Note: It’s important to remember that you can always add more medium or paint, but you can’t take it away, so start with small amounts and gradually build up as needed.

What are the drying times for Impasto created with water mixable oil paint?

Imposto is a very thick painting technique. It will take around one week to 5 weeks for the upper layer to dry, but completely dry will take around one year. So be patient. 

How do you seal an impasto painting?

After the painting dries completely, you can seal the paint with the final varnish. 

For varnishing, you need

  1. Varnish (Liquitex Professional High Gloss Varnish)
  2. Brush (Bob Ross Halfsize Round Foliage Brush)

How to apply varnish?

Step 1: clean the paint properly

The paint takes a long time to dry. So there have dust, shoot. Take clean clothes or paper towels, and gently clean the painting. Now you can blow a hair dryer with cool air setting for final cleaning.

Step 2: Apply the varnish

Put a small amount of liquid on the painting each time and then spread the paint all over the painting. Start from the corner side and then eventually go to the middle of the painting. Varnish gently on the impasto area.

Step 3: Time for dry

After varnishing one layer, wait for 1-4 hours for it to dry, then apply a second coat or more. After finishing the varnish project, give it 12-24 hours to dry. 

After applying the varnish, your painting is now protected from dust, scratch, or any other things.

This video tutorial will help you.

How do you avoid cracking in impasto paintings created with water mixable oil paint?

You can follow some necessary steps to avoid cracking in impasto paintings created with water mixable oil paint.

1. it is important to apply the paint following the principle of “fat over lean.” This means applying thicker, oilier layers over thinner, less oily layers. 

2. you can use mediums such as impasto medium or fast dry mediums to thicken the paint and speed up drying time. 

3. Give the painting enough time to dry before applying additional layers. 

Additionally, it is also important to avoid mixing water-mixable oil paint with acrylic paint, as oils and acrylics dry differently, which may compromise the paint film’s integrity.

How do you clean brushes and other tools used for Impasto with water mixable oil paint?

Water mixable paint and the impasto medium applied tools can be cleaned easily with water and soap. However, some mediums are traditionally oily. So that time, you should clean the brush with odorless thinner.

After cleaning the brush with thinner, you should finally clean the brush with Plantionals Oil Paint Brush Cleaner SoapAnd then, store the brush in a dry area. 

And the palette knives and other tools wipe off with paper towels and store properly.

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