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Will a Fan Help Dry Drywall Mud Faster? [Solved & Explained]

We use many layers of joint compound mud on drywall surfaces. Some layers dry take a long time.

Now the question is, will a fan help drywall mud faster?

A fan can help you dry it faster when the weather is humid or wet. There are many methods for drying mud example, dehumidifier, hair dryer, etc. But a fan can give better and smartest results. 

In this article, I will share how you can use a fan for dry mud.

Why is a fan better than other methods for drying mud?

Fan is a little bit slower than other dry methods. But it is the safest one.

If you use a dehumidifier or heater, it will increase your room temperature some degree. As a result, the mud will dry fast. But this temperature is not natural compared to the environment. So there are also very high chances of mud shrinking or cracking. 

There can be the same results with other methods.

So, mix some hot mud like easy sand 45 to 90 with joint compound, then apply mud to the drywall. 

You can check this article where I compared Easy Sand 5, 20, 45, 90, 210.

After finishing the mud, use a fan with the right airflow. 

Your mud will dry quickly without any issue.

How long does drywall mud take to dry with a fan?

Drywall mud drying mainly depends on weather, environment, and type of compound. But we can scale common dry time. 

The first coat and second coat dry fast. Maybe you finish these 2 coats within 6-12 because of the hot mud.

But for upper coats, when you use the premixed or all-purpose joint compound, it needs a good amount of time to dry, like 2 – 12 days. 

With a fan, you can speed up the process dry for 1 – 4 days. 

What temperature does drywall mud need to dry?

Mud takes a long time in cold weather. In general, 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit is ok for dry mud.

Sometimes the weather may be more than 80 degrees Fahrenheit, but your surface is cold or wet. It can take a long time to dry. 

So before applying drywall mud, ensure the surface is completely dry and at the right temperature. And then apply mud. 

Will a fan dry drywall mud in a closed room

A fan will work well in a closed room for dry mud. But there are some conditions.

The room temperature should not be cold, and there should not be a wet or humid environment. 

However, it will be best for your project if you can ensure good regular airflow in the room.

Will a fan dry spackle faster?

Spackle much faster than mud. It dries within 30 minutes – 4 hours, depending on humidity. 

So, generally, you do not need a fan to dry fast, although using one fan will give you a boost for dry time. 

However, using any methods is not recommended for drying. Give it dry naturally. 


Fan is the best method for drying joint compounds. Although it is a little bit slower, you will get better results.

I hope you got the answer about your topic. If you think this article is helpful, share it with your family and friends.

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