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Can I Paint on Lampshades With Acrylic Paint?

As an artist, acrylic paint gives us a lot of good color options at a cheap price. There have different types of lamp shades material. Example fabric, parchment, paper, or plastic. Now the question is can I paint on this type of lampshade with acrylic paint? Yes, you can use acrylic paint on lamp shades. This paint comes for this type of artwork. Also, it will boost your artwork and provide you with a lot of flexibility.

For this type of project, I recommend Golden Fluid Acrylics [ad] paint. This paint come with 10 type high quality color which make your project more professional.

In this article, we will describe how to paint on lampshades, why acrylic paint batters for relevant projects and also give you extra tips.

Is It Safe To Paint a Lampshade With Acrylic?

Yes, acrylic is very safe for lampshades, and it generally does not peel off if you follow the proper steps. This is water based paint, so it is completely safe from fire. Only imagine water base paint vs oil paint. On the other hand, it is a very safe paint for human health. The majority of paints do not contain toxic material.

How to Paint a Lampshade With Acrylic Paint

Step 1: Take the lampshade off the lamp. Before taking the lampshade, carefully unscrew the bulb.

Step 2: Take the lampshade on a long paper like a newspaper.

Step 3: Clean all the daub. And then clean the paper.

Step 4: Start your printing. Lampshade material like fabric use this fabric medium. Mix the medium with your paint. Quantity medium 1 time and paint 2 times. If your lampshade metal, glass, or Ceramic material, use this medium as a base coat then use acrylic paint on it.

Step 5: For acrylic paint, I recommend this one. You can use this brush set also. Use the paint 2 or 3 coats.

Step 6: After water washes the brush, clean it with tissue paper. Otherwise, next time use a brush on the paint, your paint will be watery.

Step 7: Dry the painting for 1 day. Now your job is done.

You can watch the video.

Does Acrylic Paint Stick Lampshade

Yes, acrylic paint sticks to lampshades properly. Generally, without medium, acrylic paint works fine. But sometimes different types of material need varieties of primer or medium. When we go with fabric lampshade, we need fabric medium for good results of stick as well as plastic, metal, ceramic have different mediums.

Is Acrylic or Spray Paint Better For a Lampshade?

Lampshades With Acrylic Paint

These 2 are good for painting lampshades. But these 2 are used for different purposes.

  1. Meanly acrylic paint is used for artwork and varieties of paintwork, spray paint for fast and 1 paintwork.
  2. You can make a lot of colorful designs with acrylic paint, But spray paint does not have this advantage.
  3. Spray paint stay on lamp shades more than acrylic paint (you have option medium for staying long)
  4. Generally, Acrylic paint is used by artists, but anyone can use spray paint.
  5. Acrylic paint for crafty projects and spray paint are not like this.
  6. Acrylic paint projects need a good amount of time on the other hand spray paint short time of project

Can I DIY Painted Lampshade

Why not! If your painted lampshade looks old or dirty, you can give it new life with painting. Before painting, clean all dirt and if the old paint peels off, clean those carefully otherwise your new paint will peel off.

Final Thought

Acrylic paint will easily handle your artwork on the lampshade. So don’t worry too much about it. Go and make your project. And decorate your room!

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