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mixing acrylic paint with water mixable oil paint

Can you use water mixable oil paints with acrylic?

There are many different limitations to using acrylic paint with water mixable oil paint. Because acrylic paint and water mixable oil paint are not the same. Their characteristics are different. However, you can use acrylic paint with water mixable oil paint as base coat, medium, and touch-up.  Water mixable oil paint is one type of […]

The Bob Ross Master Paint Set

Are Bob Ross’s Paintings Oil or Acrylic? Bob Ross Paints

Bob Ross’s painting is oil-based. He used to blend titanium white with different oil-based paint colors and apply it on the liquid white base-coated wet canvas. Also, he regularly mixes oil paint with paint thinner or linseed oil to make the paint thin. His painting technique is called the ‘wet-on-wet’ technique.  In this article, we […]

Removing Acrylic Paint from Tile

Removing Acrylic Paint from Tile [11 Ways for Tile & 5 Grout]

Acrylic paint is water based paint, so it is one of the easiest paint to remove from the tiles. While painting, it is very common to fall paint on the floor. And for not taking care, paint can be cured.  So how to remove acrylic paint from the tile? There are a lot of options […]

Remove Acrylic Paint from Concrete Floor

9 Easy Ways to Remove Acrylic Paint from Concrete Floor?

After the painting project, you may find acrylic paint on the concrete floor. And paint may be cured. You have to remove it. So are you wondering how to remove paint from the concrete floor?  Removing acrylic or water-based paint is not a very hard task. There a have a lot of easy methods available […]

Remove Acrylic Paint from Wood Floor

10 Ways to Remove Acrylic Paint from Wood Floor

Removing acrylic paint is not a hard task from the wood floor. But if the floor is built with hardwood or laminate finish, you should follow the proper step for removing paint. You can remove paint easily, but there is a high chance the wood finish will come off with paint. You can use mineral […]

dye shoelaces with acrylic paint

Can I dye shoelaces with acrylic paint?

Generally, shoelaces’ main material is fabric. And acrylic paint is a water-based paint. So there is a question, can acrylic paint work on shoelaces? Yes, for fabric shoelaces, there have different types of acrylic paint which work excellently. If you use this paint properly, it will make your shoe more attractive. Rit DyeMore Liquid is […]

paint candle with acrylic paint

Can you paint candles with acrylic paint?

Yes, acrylic paint is safe and good paint that you can use on candles. But directly, this paint can not use on a candle. Because candles have an oily surface, it is impossible to stick paint there. So you have to use the right candle medium before painting the candle with acrylic paint to help […]

Lampshades With Acrylic Paint

Can I Paint on Lampshades With Acrylic Paint?

As an artist, acrylic paint gives us a lot of good color options at a cheap price. There have different types of lamp shades material. Example fabric, parchment, paper, or plastic. Now the question is can I paint on this type of lampshade with acrylic paint? Yes, you can use acrylic paint on lamp shades. […]

acrylic paint over enamel paint

Can I put acrylic paint over enamel paint

Acrylic paint can be painted over enamel paint, but unless the substrate is adequately equipped. If you immediately apply a layer of water-based paint to the surface, it will not adhere correctly and the color will eventually fade. Since this enamel paint’s gloss interacts with the acrylic paint, this is the scenario. Using a soft […]

paint grout with acrylic paint

Can I paint grout with acrylic paint?

Grout power comes with some specific color. Some common tints are used for color grout. But there are not a lot of color options available. So are you thinking about custom color on grout 🤔 and wondering, “can I paint grout with acrylic paint?” Acrylic paint does not stick well on the grout properly. Because […]