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How to Paint Wicker: Furniture, Rattan Busket, Chair & More

Painting wicker furniture is important to protect it from the rush weather, extend its lifespan and improve its appearance. A fresh coat of paint can breathe new life into your furniture, and you can personalize it with your own unique style. There have some great paint, for example, acrylic, and spray. Don’t settle for worn-out wicker, take charge and give it a new look with a coat of paint!

This article is the ultimate guide of paint wicker furniture, Including

  • How to prime
  • How to paint (spray and brush-on with acrylic paint)
  • Seal
  • Pro tips and tricks

So why wait, let’s jump in!

How to Paint Wicker Furniture: Step by Step Tutorial

This is a complete guide of wicker furniture. But following this method, you can paint any type of wicker product. 


Step 1: Repair

Inspect furniture damages such as frayed, broken stand, loose ends, or other issues. Fix it from the beginning of the project. Also, thuse problem weakens the furniture and makes it difficult to paint evenly. 

Step 2: Clean the wicker

Remove dust, dirt and grimes from the wicker service. You can use damp clothes, mild soap, and water to wipe the dirt. For advanced you can use a soft bristle brush.

If you think the existing finish is peeling and crippling from wicker, sand lightly with 220 fine grit sandpaper and make the surface smooth.

Step 3: Take care ventilation

The paint and spray can contain harmful fumes and chemicals. So open all doors and windows and also wear gloves, goggles, and a mask.

Step 4: Protect the surrounding area (if necessary)

Cover the room with a plastic sheet or drop cloth for protection from overspray. 

Step 5: Always check the product label

Before using any product, make sure to check the product label. Because the manufacturer provided different important information there. 

Apply spray paint

Step 1: Choose the right paint

You need good quality paint that is manufactured for wicker furniture. Here are some best quality spray paints for wicker furniture.

Spray paintSpary Type
Montana Goldchrome Spray PaintAcrylic
Rust-Oleum Universal All Surface Spray PaintEnamel, Mineral

Step 2: Shake the paint can and small test

Shake the can properly to ensure the paint is well-mixed. Spray the paint in a different small area like a separate piece of wicker and check color and paint coverage. If you are happy, go for the final project.

Step 3: Spray paint

Hold the can from 8-12 inches distance and spray with a sweeping motion. Cover all the area. 

Keep in mind, spray even coats are very important. Do not apply too heavy paint on the same area because it can lead to uneven coverage and drips. 

Also, it will be helpful to practice in one area and then go for the entire chair.

Step 4: Dry

Give 10-15 minutes to dry between coats and 1-5 hours for the final coat.

Step 5: Finishing & Touch up

Once the paint is dry, you should apply clear coat of varnish to the paint. It will extend the life of the paint and protect it from harsh weather.

Helpful video

Apply Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint is a popular choice for creating custom designs. The paint has a lot of color options and proper sealing stays long-lasting. 

Acrylic paint also can be used to update old furniture. Apply just one coat on old furniture, it will look fresh and new. 

Step 1: Color selection

This is the primary part, choose the best color scheme you like. There are a few tips you can follow for color selection.

  1. Consider where the wicker will be placed. Select colors that complement the surrounding area.
  2. You can choose natural colors like beige and gray and border red or green. 
  3. However, for inspiration, you can look in magazines or online like Pinterest, Google Images, or another website.
  4. You can directly contact a professional designer. 

Step 2: Select paint and primer

Always choose wicker-compatible high-quality paint because it will give you the look you want. 

Good quality paint for good pigment and good color blend 🙂

Here are some best acrylic paints and primers for wicker furniture.

FolkArt Outdoor Gloss Acrylic Craft PaintAcrylic paintArtistic
DecoArt Americana Decor Outdoor Living PaintAcrylic paintArtistic
ZINSSER PrimerWater based primer
Rust-Oleum spray primerSpray primer

Step 3: Brush selection

Choose a soft bristle synthetic brush to apply paint. And prime brush should be firm enough to spread the premier evenly. Here are some good brushes for wicker painting.

Wooster Brush Angle Sash PaintbrushPrime brush
Purdy 144080515 XL paint brushPrime brush
Royal & Langnickel Paint Brush SetPaint brush
Princeton Artist Brush, Catalyst Polytip Brush SetPaint brush

Step 4: Apply primer

Apply the primer thin and even coat each time. Keep brush strokes consistent. Don’t apply too much primer once. After drying one coat, apply another coat. Between coats give 15-30 minutes time to dry and for final finish, wait 24 hours for dry (depends on product and brand).

Step 5: Apply paint

After the primer is completely dry go for paint. Applying thin and multiple layers is key for getting a smooth finish. Insert your custom design with detail, mop, fan brush. Before applying another layer, give the first layer to dry.

Step 6: Dry

After painting, be patient. Give the wicker 2-3 days to dry. Don’t touch the furniture before properly drying.

Step 7: Apply sealer

The sealer provides complete protection against scratches, UV rays, rain, and any other outdoor weather conditions. So this part should not be skipped.

After completely drying the wicker furniture, time to go for sealing. There is good spray and brush-on varnish available. You can apply spray varnish the same as spray paint or clear coat that was already mentioned in the article. 

For brush-on varnish application, first, you need to wipe the painted wicker with a soft cloth to remove all dust. Then apply varnish evenly with a paintbrush. You can use the primer brush. Blend the brush strokes properly to avoid brush marks. Apply thin and multiple coats. After applying each coat, wait 10-20 minutes then apply another coat. And after the final finish, give it 24 hours to dry. And then your wicker is ready to use.

Regular Maintenance

You should follow some simple but important tips to make the painted wicker furniture long lasting.

  1. Regularly clean your wicker furniture to prevent dirt buildup. Use a soft brush or cloth, and avoid harsh chemicals that scratch the paint.
  2. Keep it indoors or under cover to avoid sun, rain, and humidity damage.
  3. Touch up paint as needed using matching colors and a small brush. Prevent further damage, and keep it looking new.
  4. Wicker is less durable than metal or wood, easily damaged by heavy objects or movement. So avoid heavy use.
  5. Regularly inspect the furniture to catch damage or wear early. Look for loose pieces, cracked wicker, and peeling paint. Fix the issues fast.
  6. Professional help is necessary for major wicker damage. Skilled specialists can restore it.

The bottom line is, Stop waiting and start taking action. It’s time to be practical and get things done.

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