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tape or mud drywall

Do I Tape or Mud On Drywall First [Explained & Solved]

Tapping and mudding are regularly used on drywall projects. Tape and mud fix any joint or gap in drywall. Now can be a question, tape or mud which should apply first? It depends on which type of tape or project you work on. Generally, with paper tape, mud is used as the setting compound of […]

drywall gap

How Big of a Gap Can I Fill with Drywall Mud? [Explained]

Drywall mud/joint compound is used to finish drywall joints surface and fix other issues.  The mud can fix any type of mid or low gap of drywall. But the question is, how big of a gap can fill drywall mud? It depends on the mud types and drywall joint surface. Generally, ½ inch can easily […]

drywall mud smooth

How Smooth Does Drywall Mud Need to Be (Enough If Possible)

The smoothness of the drywall mud surface is very important. A more smooth drywall surface means the paint part will be more perfect. Drywall Mud surface should smooth as much as possible. There should not be any imperfections, faults, or spots. If you find any visible issue, fix it as fast as possible. Because paint […]

Can I put too much mud on drywall

Can I Put Too Much Mud on Drywall? [Best Practice Explained]

Quantity is always important in mudding. To apply the drywall mud, it has a specific recommended quantity. So now the question is, can I put too much mud on drywall? The answer is that you should not use too much mud on drywall once because there is a high chance of mud peeling if mud […]

Is drywall mud waterproof

Is Drywall Mud Waterproof? No, Why Not?

We used drywall mud for any drywall finishing project. The finishing project is also used in the bathroom and wet areas.  So now the question Is drywall mud waterproof? Drywall mud is generally not waterproof, but some are water-resistant. Because the joint compound is washable and it is its own feature. However, in the market, […]

Drywall mold

Why Does Drywall Mud Get Moldy? Let’s Fix It!

Drywall Mud (joint compound) mold is a common issue. Mold damages the mud, and if it affects heavily, it can not be workable.  So the question is, why does drywall mud get moldy? Mold has life, and it needs food to survive. Joint compounds have the materials for staying alive for mold. Generally, after using […]

Is Drywall Mud Flexible

Is Drywall Mud Flexible? 7 Facts You Have To Know

Drywall mud is used on the drywall surface to cover gaps and cracks. It dries strong and adhesion hardly.  Now you can ask, is drywall mud flexible? Generally, drywall compound mud should not be flexible. It dries hard. So we can sand the mud surface and then use paint. A flexible mud surface can not […]

Joint Compounds Not Sticking

5 Reasons For Joint Compounds Not Sticking To Drywall [Fixed]

The Joint compound should stick to the drywall easily. If it’s not happened, there have any problem. Some common reasons are the main causes for joint compounds not sticking well. If mud is old, bad addition ability, band tape not properly, mixing ratio not okay, and some more reason is cause for this issue. In […]

Is Premixed Drywall Mud Good

Is Premixed Drywall Mud Good? Setting Compound Vs. Premixed Mud

Today, generally, we use two types of mud/compound in drywall. Those are setting-type powder compounds and premixed compounds. So there is a big confusion about drywall mud which is good. Is premixed drywall mud good? It depends on work. The setting compound is best for covering big joints, a huge repair job, or taping. But for […]

Forgot To Prime Drywall Before Painting

Forgot To Prime Drywall Before Painting? 4 Facts You Need To Know

You completed your drywall paint project. Now you utilize that you forget to prime before paint. Now you are thinking a lot about it, will it be a future issue? Forget to prime drywall before painting? If you completed drywall prime on a clean drywall surface, and the drywall paint is not affected by any […]