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Drywall Mud Peeling

5 Reasons Why Drywall Mud Peeling When Painted

You already completed the drywall project and applied paint over it. But later, you see the drywall mud start peeling. Are you confused about why this happened and how to fix it?  Most of the time, the drywall mud peeling reason before applying mud, you didn’t prepare the surface properly. Another reason is before drying […]

Drywall joints showing through paint

Drywall joints showing through paint – 6 killer ways to cover it

You complete your drywall project and paint it. You thought the project was complete, but you detect drywall joints showing through the paint very soon. Now, are you thinking if it can be fixed? The drywall joint shows the main reason is your painting or priming is not ok. I always highly recommend applying a […]

Spray drywall mud with Hopper gun

Can I spray drywall mud through a paint sprayer?

Painting drywall is an interesting part. But when comes a question about spraying drywall mud as the quickest method, you need to learn more.  Generally, you can spray drywall mud through a paint sprayer. And it is the quickest method for a big project. However, it is an expensive method. You need little skill to […]

drywall primer on wall

Can drywall primer be used on painted walls?

Is your house wall already printed, but to improve color seen or hide past mistakes, you want to use drywall primer. And you may be confusing,” Can drywall primer be used on painted walls.” Generally, you can use drywall primer on past painted walls. Although, in the market, there have specific primers for different painted […]

Basement Paint Sheen

Basement Paint Sheen: Tips for a Professional Finish

The basement is a great place to store all of your old furniture and boxes, but it can also be a bit of a dark and dreary space. Wouldn’t it be great to brighten up your basement with a fresh coat of paint? But before you start painting, you’ll want to make sure your basement […]

Dry fall paint on basement ceiling

Dry fall paint on basement ceiling [Complete Guide]

If you’re thinking of painting your basement ceiling and you’re not sure if dry fall paint is the right option for the space, you’ll want to read this guide first. Dry fall paint is a type of paint that’s used to paint ceilings and walls in a dry environment, which makes it a great choice […]

cinder block basement

How to remove paint from cinder block basement [Easy Methods]

If you’ve ever had to clean a cinder block basement, you know that it’s a tedious and time-consuming project. There are several ways to remove paint from cinder block, but the most effective method depends on the type of paint and the condition of the cinder block. Sandpaper can be used to rough up the […]

baseboard paint peeling

Baseboard Paint Peeling – How To Fix It? [Solved]

Peeling baseboard paint is very annoying and completely damages the baseboard look. Maybe you are wondering why baseboard paint is peeling and how to fix it. Baseboard paint is peeling for 2 main reasons. The primer is not bonding in the basement properly, or before it is completely cured, you apply paint on it. To fix […]

exterior paint inside

Accidentally used exterior paint inside [Solved]

After using exterior paint inside, do you feel worried about it? It is not only you, many people feel this nowadays.  Before understanding it, we should know what exterior paint is. Exterior paint This paint ingredient, and activities are different from interior paint. This paint chemical comes with adopting different weather conditions like hot summer, […]

popcorn ceiling

Accidentally got paint on popcorn ceiling [Solved]

When painting a wall, do you accidentally paint on the popcorn ceiling? Does this mistake make you worried? To fix the wrong paint on the ceiling, you should first try cleaning the paint with a wet cloth or sprayer. Then you should cover the affected painted area. There have many options for covering the affected […]