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Can Liquid White Be Used with Water Mixable Oil Paints?

Water mixable paint is used for easy clean-up and solvent-free painting. These paint materials are different from oil paint; however, it works like natural oil paint, which is pretty interesting. On the other side, the liquid white material is pure oil. It needs solvent for clean up. So, can you use liquid white with water […]

bob ross liquid black

Why Does Bob Ross Use Liquid Black?

Liquid black applies canvas to create a black wet base coat. It allows any paint to blend naturally with the black base coat and create unique effects. It adds many cool attributes, and the main 2 are: In this article, I will explain the following: Which liquid black does bob ross use? Alternative? In the […]

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How to Restore Bob Ross Dry Paint Brushes [Solved]

Paint drying on a brush is a very common issue among painters. You can fix the paintbrush. But you can not achieve the fine bristle hair as before. However, it can be usable.   I already explained in another article: How to restore Bob Ross dry paintbrush Following this method, you can restore any oil paint […]

bob ross brush losing shape

Bob Ross Brushes Losing Shape: Fix This and Care Brush

Bob Ross brushes can be losing shape for different reasons. In this article, I will explain the following: I already explained in another article: How can you restore Bob Ross brushes from losing shape?  Following the method, you can restore any Bob Ross brushes such as liner, blander, 1 inch, and 2 inches brush. You […]

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Should You Use White or Black Canvas for Bob Ross Painting?

Canvas color changeable using different color gesso. So turning black canvas to white canvas or white canvas to black is not a big deal.   Bob Ross mostly uses 2 colors of primed canvas. Those are white and black. Because canvas color as a background plays an important role in painting.   Go with white canvas if […]


Which Canvas Did Bob Ross Use?

Bob Ross used 18″ X 24″ stretched and double primed artistic grade 2 or 3 level canvas most of the time.  In this article, I will explain the following: Good canvas idea for Bob Ross’s painting There are a lot of different good canvas brands in the market. I choose some best ones to give […]

oil paint dry

How Long Does Bob Ross Wet-On-Wet Oil Painting Take to Dry?

Wet on wet oil painting technique focuses on painting wet layer on layer. So it takes a good amount of time to dry compared with other oil paintings. Generally, wet-on-wet paint dries time 10-90 hours on gesso-primed canvas.  However, it can take more time to dry due to different factors.  Slow drying is not bad […]

paint thinner

Odorless Paint Thinner Vs Turpentine: What Is the Difference?

Odorless paint thinner and turpentine all are solvents. Regularly those used for paint thinning and cleaning paint brushes. But the main difference is odorless paint thinner is safe for regular use. On the other hand, turpentine is a toxic chemical for regular use.  There are more differences between them, for example, smell, flammability, evaporation, cost, […]

bob ross paint thinner

What odorless paint thinner does Bob Ross use?

In the ‘Joy of Painting,’ Bob Ross uses his own brand Bob Ross odorless paint thinner. The paint thinner he uses to make the paint thin and clean the brush and equipment. In another article, I already explained how he uses paint thinner for brush cleaning. In this article, I will explain the following: Bob […]

bob ross knife

What Type of Painting Knife Does Bob Ross Use?

In the ‘Joy of Painting,’ Bob Ross frequently uses 2 types of palette knives.  In This article, I will explain the following: Bob Ross palette knife and alternative Paint Knife  Grade  Note  Martin/F. Weber Bob Ross Number10 Standard Painting Knife Artistic & Bob Ross brand  Large knife. Great knife for painting big objects like rocks, […]