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Can you varnish water mixable oil paint

Can you varnish the water mixable oil painting?

Water mixable oil paint is oil paint. So the water mixable painting can vanish as traditional oil painting. You should wait until completely dry paint for varnishing. It takes a good amount of time, like 6 months to 2 years (depending on paint thickness). You can apply temporary retouch varnish during this time to protect […]

water mixable paint on Oil Primed Canvas

Can the Water Mixable Oil Paint Be Use on Oil Primed Canvas

Of course, the water mixable oil paint can be used on oil primed canvas as traditional oil paint. The paint will stick well and dry properly. Also, the paint will blend on the canvas as a nice gradient.  All water mixable oil paints are oil paint. It features and works as general oil paint. Only […]

water mixable oil paint with thinner

Can you thin the water mixable oil paint?

Water mixable paint means the paint can mix with water, but thin paint with water can not be a good idea. It would be best if you thinned the paint with specific water mixable paint medium. There are more options, like traditional oils and different mediums. But specific water mixable oil medium is best to […]

How Long Does Water Mixible Oil Paint Last Once Open

How Long Does Water Mixible Oil Paint Last Once Open

After opening the paint tube, it is exposed to air, and the shelf life decreases badly. The time will be around 6-8 months. But, with proper storage, the shelf life can increase by more than 4-6 months.  If the water mixable paint tube is not open and with proper storage, the paint shelf life can […]

Water Soluble Oil Paint drying

The Water Mixable Oil Paint Drying Time, Important Factors

Water mixable oil paint average dry time 2-3 days; complete cure takes around 6-12 months or more.  However, different brands water mixable oil paint dry time is different. It depends on brand, paint thickness, wind, weather, canvas preparation, and more. Let’s understand the technical part. After applying the water mixable oil paint on a canvas, […]

How do you store water soluble oil paints

How do you store water soluble oil paints?

Water soluble oil paints can be workable and wet for around 24 hours. However, with proper care, you can increase the time of wet. Water soluble oil paint is an expensive paint. So storing paint properly can save a lot of money. In this article, I will explain how the paint store can be a […]

bob ross painting fast

How Does Bob Ross Paint So Fast?

Bob Ross finished his 18″ by 24″ canvas painting within 26-30 minutes. It is generally very hard for any beginner and professional painter. So, how does Bob Ross so fast in painting? All these make his big painting faster, and he completes it within 30 minutes. There are more theories for his fast painting. How […]

bob ross varnish

Can You Varnish Bob Ross’s Painting?

To make Bob Ross painting long lasting, varnish is a very important part. It creates an extra protective transparent layer, which gives protection from dust, scratch, heat, water, bugs, and more. So after dry painting 100%, I highly recommend varnish painting as soon as possible.   In this article, I will explain properly: What is the […]

bob ross brush

Bob Ross Blender Brush Vs. Background Brush: What Is the Difference?

The main difference between the Bob Ross blender brush and the background brush is the brush hair’s softness. The background brush hair is a little bit harsher than the blending brush. So the background brush is easier to apply for long areas like the background, and the soft blending brush is for highlights and details.  […]

linseed oil

Liquid Clear Vs. Linseed Oil: What Is the Difference?

Liquid clear and linseed oil are very similar materials; however, the main difference is that the Bob Ross brand manufactures liquid clear following the right guidelines and thickness, and on the other hand, natural linseed oil can work like liquid clear, but it is not properly processed with the right thickness.  Also, there are more […]