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Glazing the Water Mixable Oil Painting: Easy Method for You

You can glaze water mixable oil painting. Different brands of glazing medium are available; walnut and linseed oil can do a good job.

In this article, I will explain:

  • Good glazing medium and alternative.
  • How to apply?
  • If needed, how to remove it?

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What are the good glazing medium

  Medium type Grade Note
Royal Talens Cobra Artists’ Water Mixable Oil Glazing Medium Readymade  Artistic  Great glazing medium. Dilute 40% water has not lost its glazing. 
Holbein Duo Aqua Painting Oil Medium Readymade  Artistic  One of the popular grazing medium 
Winsor & Newton Artisan Painting Medium Readymade  Artistic  Good brand good medium 
Walnut oil Natural oil   Give good results better the linseed oil 
Linseed oil Natural oil   Can be apply for glazing 

How to add glazing medium to water mixable oil paint?

Step 1: Mixing

Mixing glazing medium with water mixable oil paint on the paint palette. Mixing ratio 1:5 medium and paint. If you think you need more glazing, add more consistently.

Step 2: Apply

Use a soft brush and apply a thin coat on the painting. Give it 10 minutes to 2 hours to dry; if you think the upper layer is not dry yet, give it more time. Then again, apply a second coat. Do not apply each coat before drying. Otherwise, each layer will mix with the others, and you will not get proper glazing.  

How to remove the glazing 

Sometimes time can be a little accident, or you have to remove any glazing area or top layer. For a short area, you can use a cotton bud, and for a large area, use a paintbrush. Wet it with water and gently rub the paint. The paint will be removed because it is water mixable oil paint. 

When should you apply glazing water mixable oil paint on the painting?

You should apply the glazing when the upper paint layer dries because the color should not physically mix with each layer. It is also the same as the glazing layer. Each layer dries and then applies to the other layer. There are fast drying mediums available. You can apply it for fast drying. 

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