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water mixable oil paint

mixing acrylic paint with water mixable oil paint

Can you use water mixable oil paints with acrylic?

There are many different limitations to using acrylic paint with water mixable oil paint. Because acrylic paint and water mixable oil paint are not the same. Their characteristics are different. However, you can use acrylic paint with water mixable oil paint as base coat, medium, and touch-up.  Water mixable oil paint is one type of […]

Water Mixable Oil Paint Disposal

Water Mixable Oil Paint Disposal: Easy Methods

Water mixable oil is less toxic or no toxic than traditional oil paint. However, you can dispose of water mixable oil paint as traditional oil paint. For disposing of the paint, you can follow any simple method. Method 1: Store paint in the trash bin for a long time to harden the paint. Method 2: […]

cold wax for water mixable oil paint

Can You Use Cold Wax Medium with Water Mixable Oil Paint?

Cold wax can be applied with water mixable oil paint as traditional oil paint. But it will lose its water mixability after applying cold wax in the paint. After applying wax to the paint, mixing water with paint is prohibited.  Depending on the wax type, it creates various effects, including increasing or decreasing transparency, texture, […]

Glazing water mixable Oil Paint

Glazing the Water Mixable Oil Painting: Easy Method for You

You can glaze water mixable oil painting. Different brands of glazing medium are available; walnut and linseed oil can do a good job. In this article, I will explain: I already explain similar topics in different articles, you can check What are the good glazing medium   Medium type Grade Note Royal Talens Cobra Artists’ […]

water mixable paint on Oil Primed Canvas

Can the Water Mixable Oil Paint Be Use on Oil Primed Canvas

Of course, the water mixable oil paint can be used on oil primed canvas as traditional oil paint. The paint will stick well and dry properly. Also, the paint will blend on the canvas as a nice gradient.  All water mixable oil paints are oil paint. It features and works as general oil paint. Only […]

oil paint

Can Liquid White Be Used with Water Mixable Oil Paints?

Water mixable paint is used for easy clean-up and solvent-free painting. These paint materials are different from oil paint; however, it works like natural oil paint, which is pretty interesting. On the other side, the liquid white material is pure oil. It needs solvent for clean up. So, can you use liquid white with water […]