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Water Mixable Oil Paint Disposal: Easy Methods

Water mixable oil is less toxic or no toxic than traditional oil paint. However, you can dispose of water mixable oil paint as traditional oil paint. For disposing of the paint, you can follow any simple method.

  1. Method 1: Store paint in the trash bin for a long time to harden the paint.
  2. Method 2: Mix the paint with cat litter or sawdust to absorb the paint liquid. (fast method)
  3. Method 3: Take the paint to a horizontal facility to dispose of the paint. (The paint which contains toxic pigment)

In the article, I will explain the following:

  • Best way to apply the methods.
  • More tips…

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What is the best way to dispose of the water mixable oil paint?

You can follow any method of those for the paint disposal.

Trash container

Painters regularly use this method. Most water mixable oil paints are non-toxic. This technique will be easy and safe.

Use a good oily waste bin like this one from Justrite [ad]. After the painting finishes, rub the paint with a dry cloth or paper towel, then throw it in the bin. Then give it time to dry in the bin. After drying, the paint can be disposed of as normal household waste.

Cat litter or sawdust

Cat litter or sawdust [ad] absorbs the paint liquid fast and makes the paint household normal waste. Take any cat litter or sawdust and put it in the waste paint cans. Mix paint properly with sawdust. Very fast, the sawdust will absorb the paint liquid. Take it for around 2-3 days. Don’t seal the cans. The paint will dry faster. And you can dispose of the paint as normal waste.

Hazardous waste disposal facility

Most water mixable oil paints contain non-toxic pigment. If you work with toxic pigment, you must dispose of it properly. After finishing painting, take the toxic paint in a polythene bag and seal it correctly. And put it gently in the trash bin. When you gather a large amount, take it to the Hazardous disposal facility. They will take care of it.

Can you rinse water mixable oil paint in the sink?

Water mixable oil paint is less toxic or not toxic. So a small amount of paint (cleaning paint brush, tools) can not harm the drain or septic tank. If you have a large amount of paint, follow the disposal methods I described.

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